Water resource changes and adaptive management in the Greater Mekong River Basin
Project period: 2016-2020
Funding Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China

The Greater Mekong River Basin has witnessed fast-growing population and socioeconomic development and a dramatic climatic change in recent decades. Nevertheless, these have led to a significant change in the spatiotemporal pattern of water resources, a notable increase in natural hazards, and continual deterioration of water-related ecosystems. 

This research project will take a systematic investigation of the spatiotemporal changes in regional water resources and provide an integrated evaluation of the impacts of climatic change and human activities on water resources and major water-related ecosystems at the regional scale. It will examine and compare the modes and practices of water resources and ecosystem management in key countries, so as to identify the causes behind the changes.
This project will also assess the potential impacts of future climate change and socioeconomic development on regional water resources. Finally, an ecosystem-based adaptation for water resources at the basin level will be proposed.

This project is lead by the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and UNEP-IEMP, and work with partners like the National University of Laos, the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, the German Aerospace Center, the University of Bern, Switzerland, etc.