On June 15th, the 7th China Enterprise Green Contract Forum and the 8th SEE Ecology Awards Ceremony were successfully held in Wuhan. More than 300 personnel from government agencies, enterprises, representatives of domestic and foreign public welfare organizations, and members of Chinese and foreign mainstream media gathered together to attend this environmental welfare charity event.

The theme of the event was “KEEP ACTIVE, KEEP A LIFE.” Representatives from all walks of life came to discuss biodiversity conservation and the sustainable development model, and announced the 8th SEE Ecology Awards on the spot. The environmental model was commended and honoured.

Zhang Linxiu, director of the UN Environment-International Ecosystem Management Partnership Program (UNEP-IEMP), said that all countries in the world are facing a growing global biodiversity crisis. Although many cooperative actions have been taken, they are still far from sufficient. It is necessary to deepen international cooperation and strengthen coordination between countries, play into the potential of non-governmental public welfare organizations, and jointly create vitality for the future.