Recently, the final list of the "2020 Cheng Siwei Outstanding Student Award" was announced. Two students from Dr. Linxiu Zhang’s research team, Cao Yueming (Ph.D. candidate) and Dorje Palden (graduate student), won the award.

The jury panel for this year’s award was composed of experts from the Cheng Siwei Foundation and the School of Economics and Management of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The winners need to acquire at least two-thirds of the votes to win the prize.

The "Cheng Siwei Outstanding Student Award" is funded by the "Cheng Siwei Foundation". It was set up to reward students who demonstrate a firm political stand, excellent academic performance, good ideological and moral character, and strong enthusiasm about public welfare.

At the end of 2015, according to the will of Mr. Cheng Siwei, his family donated his salary and contribution fee to the Education Foundation of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and initiated the " Cheng Siwei Foundation".

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